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Product customization and mold development

Time:2021-08-05 Views:133
As a professional silicone products factory, We not only provide product services, but also product development and mold manufacturing services.Assist customers to achieve from zero to one.As long as the customer has an idea, we can help the customer complete from product design to packaging design.

Develop products in 3~7 days, change from design drawings to samples, quickly produce samples, and seize business opportunities.Now our factory has introduced severals set of  machine to make molds, plus the development team, as long as the 3D drawings are confirmed, the prototype molds can be made immediately.The previous molds were all made in the mold factory outside,however,now we can finished the mold in our factory,hence we can control the time of mold well.

Please rest assured to inform you of new ideas about the product,our team will work hard to cooperate,Let‘s build great things together.

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