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The difference between SILICONE and RUBBER

Time:2021-03-18 Views:157
The difference between SILICONE and RUBBER

1.The two definitions are different in scope:  Rubber is a general term that contains many kinds of rubber, 
such as natural rubber, butadiene rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, propylene rubber, and of course, silicone rubber; and silicone is one of the specific varieties of rubber.

2.Different uses : Rubber has a wide range of uses, mainly using the elastic role of rubber, such as rubber tires, bridge shock absorption, rubber hose rollers, etc., mainly for industrial use; Silicone is more environmentally friendly, non-toxic,durable, high temperature, acid and alkali salt resistance, because silicone performance is stable, fixed so mostly used in food life with appliances, such as silicone cookware, baby pacifiers, children‘s spoons, voltage pot seal, etc.

3.Different types and grades of rubber are used in different applications, for example, natural rubber is mainly used to 
make tires, butyl rubber is mainly used for inner tubes, and EPDM rubber is used for sealing products.

How to distinguish silicone products and rubber products?
***Silicone products do not catch fire when burned and the smoke is white
***The rubber product emits black smoke when it is lit, and the soot is black and smells bad.
About the silicone material we use
It is a white solid silicone gel.To make other colors, such as red, we need to add coloring pigment and then refine the silicon gel with machine (Non-stop stirring and squeezing of silica gel) 

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