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Why are silicone cookware becoming more and more popular?

Time:2021-09-06 Views:96

Why are silicone cookware becoming more and more popular?
-----Silicone cookware,the new eco-friendly choice for kitchens and homes

There are 3 main reasons for this.

1. From natural, environmentally friendly materials

For the sake of lightness and cheapness, many kitchen utensils are more or less plastic. However, the white pollution caused by plastic has caused serious harm to water quality, soil, resources and the environment, and with the continuous innovation of ecological civilization system, green development has become a social consensus. Silicone is a green material, its main component is the common silica in nature, will not cause harm and burden to the environment and human body.

2. Material characteristics, health protection

Consumers who have used plastic cookware should know that most plastic products may be able to hold boiling water, but they are never safe for frying. Even for better quality plastics, the maximum temperature resistance is mostly around 120°C, while frying temperatures can generally reach around 200°C.

The silicone is flexible and has a strong advantage in thermal stability (temperature resistance range -40℃~230℃), even after high temperature open fire baking decomposition of the material is non-toxic and tasteless white smoke and white dust. This characteristic makes silicone safety stability is much higher than even the food-grade plastic material, in the kitchen applications more reassuring.

3. Anti-bacterial and anti-mold, easy to clean

In addition to plastic, metal is also a common material for traditional cookware. However, because of the high thermal conductivity of metal, which can easily cause burns, wood products also have an extremely important place among the traditional materials. However, wood products also have a fatal pain point, that is, after a long time soaking or in a humid environment or season easy to grow mold, to the body laid a greater safety risks.

Silicone benefits from the macromolecular microporous structure, insoluble in water or any solvent, is a highly active adsorbent material, the actual application is often used silica gel to use as an adsorbent or desiccant. Therefore, silicone cookware can not be incorporated into the liquid after use can be immediately air-dried, not easy to breed mold. In the high grease, salt, vinegar cooking environment, also not easy to be oil, salt, vinegar corrosion.

In summary, compared with traditional materials, silicone kitchenware has the characteristics of long service life, good stability, not easy to corrosion, temperature resistance and non-toxic. More importantly, it will not cause harm and burden to the environment and human body, which is the new choice of kitchen and home for people who pay attention to health and environmental protection.



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