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Why are there smudges on silicone products?

Time:2021-05-27 Views:121
If the smudges is slight, a good customer may not care, but a bad customer may ask to return the product. If the stain is serious,then only when the defective treatment, then these silicone products from where the stain comes from?

First, check the problem of silicone raw materials, silicone products production workshop, molding workshop, preparation workshop if the environment is not clean, silicone raw materials are not well preserved, exposed to the air, it is easy to adsorb dust, it will cause silicone products molding stains.

Secondly, the production mold or production equipment and the surrounding dirt is more, then the product will cause a lot of dirt in the mold cavity during the production process, and then the molding will cause the stain.

In addition, the external release agent itself is dirty, and when spraying the release agent, the dirt is also sprayed out together and adsorbed on the surface of the mold cavity, causing the surface of the key to be dirty after molding.

Lastly, the electric heating plate under the vulcanizing machine may be dirty, and the dirt will be sucked inside the mold cavity when the mold is closed, causing the silicone products to be stained.

These are only 4 points of the summary of the silicone products stains.However,we use a quality management system based on ISO90001 and are equipped with advanced production equipment and a scientific management process to ensure our top-of-the-line products are produced in a timely and effective manner. 
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