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Contactless payment ring

Time:2021-05-17 Views:144
Nowadays contactless payment is available everywhere meaning we can enjoy the convenience of using the smart card to tap and pay.As we know,contactless payment 
wear able device,
payment-enabled ceramic ring, enable payment to be quickly and invisibly,delivering an enhanced consumer experience at the checkout. I guess you must be wonder how does the smart payment ring work, right ? Please take a few tens of seconds to read the answer below,you will know more about the smart ring.

The payment chip,a pre-integrated flexible for integration into the ceramic ring during manufacture.Our team is able to insert the removable payment chip into ceramic ring,whether it is a bank chip or a bus card chip, as long as you provide us with a wafer or COB, our team can make a contactless smart ring with payment functions.And this smart ring is totally compatiable with the terminal device. So you can use the contactless smart ring for payment, like shopping, bus, subways and so on. 

Wanna to order the customized magic smart ring? Please feel free to reach out.
 Daisy@wsilicone.com  whatsApp: +86 18806668135 

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