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What causes the price of silicone raw materials to rise?

Time:2021-03-18 Views:182
What causes the price of silicone raw materials to rise?

As we know,recent silicone raw materials have skyrocketed across the board, Price increase of up to one-third, and even out of stock.
Especially in this year at home and abroad due to the impact of the epidemic, what led to a surge in the price of silicone raw materials?The following is an analysis of the main reasons for the recent spike in silicone raw materials.

1. After the impact of the epidemic earlier this year, the downstream industry of silicones gradually recovered and product consumption accelerated growth.At the same time, the overseas epidemic led to a large number of demand orders back, many foreign orders have turned to domestic factories production;This has led to a strong domestic market demand and an oversupply of raw materials.

2.The main reason for the spike in silicone raw materials is the sharp rise in raw rubber and DMC prices. However, Raw rubber is the main raw material for the production of compounded silicone rubber,And DMC is used as the main raw material for the production of raw rubber.Once the price of DMC rises, it will lead to an overall price increase in our silicone industry.

3.What‘s DMC ?As an important organic compound, DMC materials not only have important applications in the silicone industry,And because DMC is non-toxic, it can replace the highly toxic phosgene, methyl chloroformate, dimethyl sulfate, etc. as methylating agent or carbonylating agent to improve the safety of production operations and reduce environmental pollution.

DMC can replace Freon, trichloroethane, trichloroethylene, benzene, xylene, etc. for paints, cleaning solvents, etc. As an additive for gasoline, DMC can improve its octane number and oxygen content, thus improving its anti-explosive properties.In addition, DMC can be used as an additive in detergents, surfactants and softeners. Due to its wide range of applications, DMC is regarded as the "new cornerstone" of organic synthesis today.

As DMC materials are widely used in all walks of life, the demand for other industries has increased, resulting in an oversupply of DMC materials.As mentioned above, raw rubber is used as the main raw material for the production of blended silicone rubber, and DMC is used as the main raw material for the production of raw rubber, so it will lead to a rise in silicone raw materials.

In summary, due to the increased cost of raw materials, the unit price of some products has also increased. Please contact us before placing an order so that we can re-account for the price. Thank you for your support all the way.
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